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LF181 – NOT THIS TIME! – featuring Jill vs Pixie – Cleaned and AI upscaled to 1280x960WMV

33 Minutes of savage and brutally vicious belly punching action domination beatdown..

Pixie loves breaking in the new girls because she can easily establish her dominance over them early on in the game in order to stay on top of the roster. But when young Jill shows up, Pixie isn’t aware of the meat grinder she’s about to step into. Challenged to yet another one for belly punching contest, Jill naively accepts and though the contest has a slow start to it, the whole affairs quickly breaks down to a no holds barred vicious fight between these two head strong women. Pixie easily dominates the new girl with various holds, camel clutch, figure four leg lock, bow and arrow and the dreaded cross knee and shoulder back breakers. Beaten but not broken, Jill fight back and tosses the rules out the window as she sucker punches a boasting Pixie in the belly and turns the tables. Furious at the mistreatment handed to her by Pixie, Jill seeks revenge with what has to the be one of the most savage belly punching beatdowns we’ve ever seen. Hammer like fists to the ribs, solar plexus, chest and belly come crashing down on poor Pixie. Tough and courageous, Pixie refuses to call it quits but takes a vicious beating at the hands of the new girl. These punches aren’t pulled and come crashing down sadistically harsh on the poor little redhead. Jill, with her slight yet powerful physique, easily dominates the little Pixie and puts her down for the count with a prolonged KO. And to put icing on the cake, Jill treats us to a little trophy posing, showing off her muscles, knowing Pixie will see this later, impounding the humiliation already handed to her.

Young Jill shows up from abroad, her previous experience unknown to most of the girls. When Pixie spots Jill posing to show off her lovely arms, the little red head immediately has to step in and establish her dominant presence on the little lass before Jill gets any bright ideas about who is the top bitch around here. Challenging Jill to the typical one for one belly punching contest soon shows Pixie that Jill isn’t going to be a push over and that the beautiful dark haired girl with the arms can actually hit hard.. a little too hard. And this upsets Pixie to no end, so she lashes out at Jill and the two get into one fur ball of a fight on the mats. Pixie’s wrestling skills allow her to set the pace and dominate the new girl, getting on top of her, dropping tight little fists into Jill concrete hard abs with telling effect. Pixie isn’t going easy on this new girl, not at all. She wants Jill to appreciate that this is Pixie’s house and she rules around here.

Trapped in various holds, Jill tries to hang in there, not willing to submit to Pixie. neck triangles and back benders have telling effect but Jill is one hell of a tough girl, she hangs in there, not willing to submit to Pixie. Even when put into the viciously painful figure four leg lock, Jill won’t submit in regardless of the pain in her legs. Pixie, feeling she has control of the little lass, puts her through the wringer with one hold after another, dropping bombs into her hard abs, clawing, drilling her belly button. Poor Jill, proud and strong, can’t seem to find a way to turn the tables on her smaller opponent. No way is Jill going to submit to Pixie, no matter what!

Bent, stretched and hammered, Jill lays under Pixie, as the little red head explains to everyone how she’s the dominant one and how.. Well this is all what Jill needed, an opening to drive her hard fist deep into Pixie’s ribs in order to knock the girl off of her. Upset at how Pixie mistreated her, Jill sets upon Pixie with devastating blows to the ribs and solar plexus, hammering her with full power, causing Pixie to yelp and howl in pain and trying to cower from Jill’s vicious blows. Every shot Jill delivers has telling effect on Pixie but now it’s Pixie’s turn to stubbornly refuse to submit to Jill’s attacks. Try as she may, poor Pixie can’t seem to escape from Jill’s savagery as fists come raining down on Pixie’s ribs and belly. Nothing hurts more than having your arm stretched out above your head, leaving your ribs painfully vulnerable and then taking a vicious punch to the ribs. Jill’s tactics to take down the red headed terror is working as Pixie gets weaker and weaker as each minute of this sadistic beat down continues.

Finally, mercifully, Jill mounts Pixie and puts a KO hold on the battered little red head. Pixie tries to fight it off but is so utterly dominated by her opponent that the valiant but defeated red head goes down for the count. And to add salt to Pixie’s fresh wounds, Jill takes her sweet time to give us a gratuitous sampler of trophy posing over her first official win here at Ladyfist Poor Pixie.. will she ever be the same again after this horrible beating?

This video will appeal to a huge group of fans. Comp wrestling, savage belly punching, back breakers, one sided beatdowns. You’ll cringe every time you see Pixie take a punch to the ribs. All she had to do was submit but the proud and stubborn red head refused to give up to the new girl Jill.


32 minutes



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