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The Cosmos, The Arrivals, Book 1, Chapter 18, Section 8, Beka & Elle: Flash & Observe Ginny Corvette, (Day 11), The Cosmos Debrief Beka & Elle: What Did Janet Do?

After they return to the Cosmos House and ring the Bell, Babs ushers Beka and Elle in the Back Door and herds them into the Dining Room. Five Cosmos await them there also. BB asks, “How did it go?”

Elle replies, “Ma’am, it was a most disconcerting experience, Ma’am.”

Beka adds, “Janet seems like a much harsher Monitor.”

“I will try to rectify that,” BB tells them cheerfully. It is not the answer they had hoped to elicit. “Dismissed.”

All the other various Cosmos await an opportunity to corner Beka and Elle and drill for any core samples that might be relevant to them.

Tiffany learns little of substance, nor is she able to discern why Babs would relinquish control of her just-arrived newbies to Janet. I spent a day drenching myself with my own pee after failing to disclose that I climaxed the Double Dong with Janet. Could Janet’s similar failure to inform Babs have been forgotten about?

Or perhaps Janet did a lot of good deeds for Babs last Term and has been forgiven.

Robyn inquires, “So was Janet Jintoe still wearing her spiderweb?”

Beka and Elle look at each other. Elle provides the news. “Janet said next time she sees you you’re supposed to remind her to sit youself in a corner, spread your legs, and cam yourself.”

Kimju and Molly also demand Beka and Elle tell them what happened.

“So you saw Ginny. I’m so relieved.” Molly touches her fingertips to her temples. “They streaked and made it.”

“Well, we didn’t see any Lee, but Lee’s not Ginny’s Roommate any more,” Elle hastens. “Apparently it’s somebody named Trixi Tubes.”

“We didn’t see her either,” Beka augments. “Except she had done something bad.”

“Trixi had crossed her legs, that’s what she’d done.” Elle hasn’t forgotten. “And the opposite Roommate got punished. Like Beka sending me to the Doghouse for the night.”

“So Ginny was getting sexed in the Cravat,” Kimju seeks to clarify.

“That’s what it sounded like,” Elle recounts. “We didn’t dare look. Janet kept a Cam on us all the time.”

“We couldn’t see around the corner anyway,” Beka defends. She expounds, “I think Janet even invited friends over to cam us. And then gave us a copy to bring back to Babs.”

Kimju reacts, “Pictures of you two titter and vagflash?”

Elle hedges, “Well, maybe. Titter for sure both of us, but I still have a hem between my legs.”

Beka shakes shoulders. “I don’t. And they cammed my beaver and slid something long down my brownie.”

Elle tries to offer help. “Janet also gave us something featuring you two at a Bachelor Party? And that maybe Tiffany’s going to lose her monopoly on the Pee-Cam? What’s that all about?”

Molly knows what it’s all about.

Steph catches Beka and Elle at a different moment in the Dining Room. “So you got to meet Janet. How’d she treat you?”

“We got to see Ginny Cravat,” Beka rushes a first impression.

Steph blinks. “Nobody cares about Ginny Cravat. Tell me what happened with Janet.”

Elle elaborates, “We had to get down on our hands and knees and study the Baseboard Strippers.”

Beka interrupts, “There’s a picture of Babs from behind. Butt crack.”

Elle continues, “We stayed like that for like hours.”

Beka hurries, “People came in and cammed our boobies. And then my miniskirt rode up, and Janet said some of my brodeas leaked out.”

“And what about you?” Steph directs this question to Elle.

“Ma’am, I’m not sure, Ma’am.” Elle offers unwarranted respect, but Elle Lollydor neglects to inform Steph that she licked Beka’s brodeas up.

“We brought back some files and gave them to Babs,” Beka volunteers. “Janet told us to beg to get ourselves screened.”

Elle offers a tidbit. “Janet said she also included some vids of you and Molly, something about a Bachelor Party and you splattered with piss.”

Beka queries, “Yeah, what’s that all about?”

Later. Steph knows what it’s all about.

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