Lara Allie and SusieBlue – When you leave your roomate all tied up (mobile)




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Lara come back home mad at her roommate SusieBlue. Apparently she had a date with Lara boyfriend and first she doesn’t admit it then she starts laughing at Lara, who get even more angry and goes all over SusieBlue to teach her a lesson. She is definitely having the upper hand till SusieBlue feigning to surrender evades Lara hold and beat her with something on her head. Now Lara is placed on the table in the process of being bound and gagged by an evil SusieBlue. She removes Lara socks and stuff the sweaty worn socks in her mouth, Lara cannot do much but straining in her hogtie but her incredibly flexible body is not helping in any way. Happy with the result SusieBlue tells Lara that she is going to leave her like that till she calms down and reconsider her behaviour, while she is going to take an hot shower since she made her sweat. Alone and hogtie on the table Lara cannot see a couple of shading figures watching the scene from behind. They enter and after making jokes on Lara situation they realize that if someone has been tied up there must be some other somewhere who did it! After checking that Lara knots are secure they go downstairs when they hear shower noise from behing a door. When SusieBlue exit the bathroom she is grabbed from behind by Allie and Louis and promptly thrown on the table when she is overpowered by the duo and tied up. Once done with SusieBlue Louis go get Lara to keep both girl in sight. Once they are tied and ballgagged side by side he goes away to get some meaning to take away all the stuff they are going to plunder in the mansion leaving Allie to play with the two captives. Allie is attracted by SusieBlue boobs so she decide to remove her towel and hogtie her naked in the kitchen. Susie is really suffering in her hogtie and cannot control her drooling but this gives enough distraction to Allie and enough time to Lara to free herself and take Allie by surprise. There is going to be vengeance and an hard and humiliating one with Allie hogtied and mouth stuffed with used Lara socks while both girl makes jokes of her and put their feet all over their face. This goes one till the evening when Louis comes back and laugh at the girls playing with the hogtied Allie and even more when they threated him to do something to her if he doesn’t let them go. Louis tells them that he has enough tape to store everything valuable that he is going to take with him and has more than enough spare to make three nice helpless packages fo all of them. Having Allie hogtied gives hin the good change to take everything for himself. He proceed and leave Lara,SusieBlue and Allie struggling in their misery

49 minutes



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