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The lady with the bad left leg is drinking a coffee, and is working on her computer. She’s not dressed properly, only T-shirt underwear and pantyhose (or stockings) without toes (you showed in another clip). Her lad left leg is resting in a chair. She gets a call. A friend has problems. She was having a walk in the countryside and her car is stolen. She asks to pick her up. The lady agrees. She gives her bad knee a last massage, puts on her high heeled mules and puts her cup in the kitchen. In order to be strong she takes a few painkillers. She limps (it goes slowly and she complains about the pain – leaming against the walls, finding support wherever you can) ) to the napping room and puts on dark brown pantyhose over the other pantyhose (or stockings, I don’t know) and a short fancy dress, revealing her beautiful legs. She chooses even higher open mules to put on her feet and takes her bag to go out. But where is her phone? She doesn’t know where she has left it. Not on the table in the living room, not on the bed, not in the kitchen, not in the bathroom, not in the wardrobe where she took her shoes, … (limping back and forth to the rooms on the high heels sometimes hurts her bad foot, and she has to stop to massage her toes and painful knee – sometimes she almost sprains her ankle, and we hear het moans and sighs) Then she hears the phone ringing. It is in the drawer where are het pantyhose. Her friend is calling again asking her to hurry up, because she has cold, and to bring a blanket. She doesn’t understand, it is hot outside, but she takes a blanket in a wardrobe and limps out of the apartment.

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