Ladies’ ‘Best Ass’ Wrestling Match! VeVe vs Ursa (Jan 2021)


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VeVe and Ursa have been inspired by goings-on over in the men’s wrestling division… something about who’s got the best butt?  But when it comes to the ladies, mighty little VeVe is certain there is no question about it: she has the best butt around. Voluptuous queen Ursa thinks that’s entirely nonsense; she clearly has the biggest, roundest, most luxurious, and (therefore!) best ass.

A simple visual comparison just won’t do.  And so, these stubborn ladies decide they need to prove their claims with a strong physical showing.  Clearly, the only way to properly convince one’s opponent here is with a good, close, in-your-face look…

It’s “ass attacks” galore in this pro-style-inspired match.  Back-and-forth action, featuring: Classic facesitting pins, against-the-wall facesits, standing ass smothers, reverse figure-4s, reverse headscissors, side saddle facesits, and more.  Squishing, squeezing, and even some bouncing.  It’s a lot of butt-in-face action, and neither of these ladies likes having a butt in her face!

Neither VeVe nor Ursa will concede, of course, and each suffers through the other’s smother attacks until she can work their way free. But stubbornness comes with a price, and the grand winner emerges with an undisputed (and undisputable) victory.

Spoiler (highlight to see text): Ursa scores the victory!

Fantasy / Pro-style wrestling with all “ass attacks” as the holds (back-and-forth).  Trash talk, taunting, bragging.  Both ladies wear bras and g-string thongs.  1080 Full HD

21 minutes



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