KK Qing vs Darrius – Mixed Boxing (Windows Media)




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KK Qing vs Darrius – Mixed Boxing (Windows Media)


The time has come for this EPIC mixed boxing clash that everyone has been looking forward to!  KK Qing certainly has.. she’s been coming to HTM for years and Darrius dodged her challenge every time.  But now, there’s nowhere left for him to run.

Right from the starting bell, KK Qing and Darrius are trading bombs! Explosive headshot and gut busting belly punching.  KK is coming at Darrius with extreme ferocity, so his ass better be ready to give what he gets. Darrius is just not used to the kind of power and heat that KK Qing brings, and he is getting rocked.  But refusing to go down without a fight, KK Qing herself is getting battered, beaten, and even taking a few knockdowns as Darrius is much bigger than her typical opponent.  Round 1 is a back and forth slugfest, and Round 2 Darrius strikes back, and now it’s KK getting dominated, head snapped all over the place and knocked down.  And to top it all off, now we start seeing the cheap shots!

Round 3, even more cheap shots!  Darrius is trying his best to finish off KK Qing and he doesn’t care much for rules or decorum.  KK’s belly is pummeled without mercy, but Darrius just can’t seem to finish her off. 

Round 4 – When you come at the Qing, you’d better not miss!  Darrius is back to his cheap antics, but KK has had enough of his garbage and is ready to go medieval on his ass.  KK Qing knocks Darrius down perhaps more than anyone else in recent memory, punishing him like never before.

Round 5 – It’s now a completely one sided beatdown and KK is ready to finish he job for good.  With a skull crushing Superman blow raining hell from above, KK Qing puts Darrius’s lights out for the knockout victory.  And that is why KK is the Qing of the Ring!

Slow motion replays of the KO shot included, and a little blooper after the credits.

Fantasy mixed boxing in 1920x1080HD WMV

Length:16 min
Size:914 MB