Kira Mean Belly Bitch 6 Continued[HD]


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We had an idea of the man trying to get food from the fridge and being discovered, then receiving more strict rules about eating and losing more weight as opposed to coming in and bringing more food. Unless you had a budget for more food.
A continuation from the last clip in first person pov, 4 segments in time laps. The first segment shes yelling from the other room the man is trying to get food from the fridge and being discovered, then receiving more strict rules about eating and losing more weight. She greedily eats and talks about how much weight she has been gaining and she is becoming so greedy and lazy and how she notices how thin Iv been getting compared to her and how she wants me thinner rail thin.

The second time laps its been a few weeks Kira has been gaining and growing her apatite. I walk in the room to her stuffing her face demanding more food and how much fatter she wants to get. Then when I ask about what the doctor appointment we went to she claims the doctor doesnt know what she was talking about and how I need to be skin and bone for her to gain more and. How I dont need to go there again she has a scale and can weigh me and knows if I am too thin.
The next time laps Kira begins by talking about how much bigger and fatter she is becoming and how thin I am getting in comparison to her. How her thigh is 3 times the size of mine how little Im getting in comparison to her, she could crush me if she was sitting on me. How even if I think Im thin enough Im not. I need to lose more and not to listen to my friends and familys shock and worry about how thin I am getting while she gains and that her ex was so much thinner and I could lose more still. 
The fourth time laps Kira begins by by telling me Im soo thin now skin and bone while she eats and she explains how my stomach has shrank so much I couldnt even finish my meal if she gave me one so she needs all the food for her gains. She needs it more, and how I dont need much anymore. Half a burger will do right, oh I let u have some left overs yesterday didnt I. Oh wait I ate that too, how I dont need to worry what other people say I could be thinner and she could be fatter. She steps on the scale and says see Im only 200 you need to do a better job of feeding me then maybe when I gain more you can have my left overs. If your thin enough and weights me shocked only 85 lbs and first she is almost concerned. But then immediately starts with see you weigh that much you could be thinner and how her ex was thinner. Even than that Im going on a diet to weigh less how she wants me rail thin and how fat she wants to beIn this variation Kira has made an adaption trying to match my variation Alena Bossy Belly Bitch[HD]This video is continued from Kira Mean Belly Bitch 5 Dr Weight Humiliation With Alexis[HD]Kira Mean Belly Bitch 5 Dr Weight Humiliation With Alexis[HD]You may also like Kira Mean Bossy Belly Bitch 4 Extreme[HD]Kira Mean Bossy Belly Bitch3[HD]Kira Mean Bossy Belly Bitch2[HD]Kira Mean Bossy Belly Bitch[HD]Alena Bossy Belly Bitch[HD]Allice Bossy Belly Bitch Continued[HD]Allice Bossy Belly Bitch[HD]Allice Feeding Time With Jake[HD]Alena Coerced Feeding Compilation[HD]

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