Jingle for Sir – with Subtitles


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Now with full captions so you dont miss a thing! (You can get it without subtitles here)Ive got a present for you Sir. I dressed up just for you, but my outfit hides a tight crotch rope and shiny steel nipple clamps. Crawling on the floor you can see my gem butt plug, but I soon decide it could be bigger and untie the rope so you can watch close up as I take out the big steel plug, clean it with my mouth, then insert a much bigger firm silicone one. Nicely filled, I explore a variety of ways to tease and torment my breasts for you, slapping them with my hands and a paddle, switching the clamps out for meaner clover clamps. But youve requested that I put all my jingle bell clamps on my cunt to entertain you. There are 4 different pairs (!) and a bonus tony bell clamp perfect for my clit. These clamps are not gentle and my poor labia are so tender, but I get them all on and jiggle them for you, before being allowed to apply the doxy to my decorated pussy, eliciting some very musical results! This is just the beginning though, as Im not allowed to cum until I am in an even more extreme predicament: the clover clamps on my nipples being pulled up to a point above my head, a long dildo on the floor pushing up deep inside me, and some of the labia clamps padlocked to my ankle cuffs so I cant stand up to relive the pressure in my cunt or the growing ache in my thighs. I add a huge ball gag and the doxy once more to bring myself to a huge multiple orgasm, squirting all over the floor in the process!

35 minutes



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