Jae Lynn’s Sensual Barefoot Smoke Reprogramming (Re-Mastered) (UHD WMV)


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Starring Jae Lynn Piggs

UHD (1920 x 1080) WMV

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Jae Lynn knows how much you love feet, but also how much you hate smoke. So, in order for you to enjoy her feet, she orders to you earn each little bit of foot attention by smoking or inhaling her of her deep smokey exhales. She let’s you kiss and touch her feet, but you are told to take long hard inhales of her cigarette, and she treats you like the little slave you are by ashing and putting her cigarettes out in your mouth.


See her soft soles and soft pink wrinkled feet while she enjoys a sultry smoking experience! She’s about to show you. If you want these sexy little toes, you’re gonna have to beg for it. Kiss her soles through her cloud of thick smoke! Even if you do not like smoking, the mere fact that she’ll approve of your lustful desire to fuck her feet is something that will definitely make you reconsider! 


Inches apart of your face from her luscious feet, you can’t seem to hold your lust as she teases you with a lot of smoking and mocking. Seems nice and relaxing to stare at her beautiful soles as she blows smoke. It just makes your cock really hard! The anticipation, wondering when her toes are gonna be so close that you can touch them, smell them, lick all over them, and jerk all your cock off ‘til you cum.



Note: This clip was originally released on Smokin Shell Fantasies on 6/19/20

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9 minutes



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