Jade in: This Maniac Photographer, Fixated on My Bare Feet, Sure Has Me Tied Up & Gagged Unbearably Tightly! (Special Cut) (HD)


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The gorgeous Jade is about to be gagged and tied so tight, she’s going to swoon. The deviant photographer she finds herself in the clutches of has talked her into being tied up for this photoshoot and had she ever been reluctant on THAT one. But here he has her now, bound hand and foot, and about to be… GAGGED?? No way, she did not agree to this. How dare he come near her with that thing! But he will dare, and what’s more, she will soon be regretting her ill-decided-upon defiance. Are you ready for some… tightness? Buckle up.

(Producer’s Note:) We’d forgotten we’d even shot this one, so now proudly present to a new audience, along with the obligatory extras from previously released scenes featuring theis magnificent beauty and .co… Enjoy, the Mighty Jade!

Mr CheeseBoard, the sleazy photographer whose ad in the local ArseOmelette Gazette the unfortunate Jade, high class glamour model that she is, has elected to respond to, seems to have a thing about girls tied up in their underwear. So far, so kinky, but nothing to write home about. But after persuading the forthright, fitness-hewn brunette beauty to acquiesce, he pulls this damned gagging business out of the bag! Jade is not pleased about this proposal and in fact refuses. Especially when he reveals himself to be an absolute nutter who seems to now believe that she is an enemy spy agent he has captured! Medication has clearly been skipped this morn…

The delusional photographer gets a gag in her mouth before she can respond too much to this latest insane development and an enraged Jade mmmmppphhhhs hotly while he feels up her cute, highly characterful bare feet. Crossed at the ankle, they are lashed so firmly they are going numb already, but he cares not, insisting on tickling her as she fumes into the super taught cleave muzzle presently gagging her mouth. Jade is the left to struggle passionately, with that cruelly cinched gag there only seeming to get tighter and tighter! What is this clown UP to??

Jade mumbles sexily at him when he returns to the room he has her tied up in and he likes that. She starts casually taking pictures of her. She wants out of this shiz. NOW! But her spunky appels are met only with more merciless tickling, including with a hairbrush. She notices the pervert sniffing her feet while he tickles her hard too. Can this situation get any worse? Oh yes, Sweet Jade. For he is, even now, cracking out the tape!

Shoving a dirty sock into the stunned glamour model’s mouth, the demented CheeseBoard proceeds to wrap with extreme torque, her mouth up, cleave style. Satisfied only when he has bound her mouth and head again and again – and again – he leaves the clearly struggling (in more ways than one) beauty writhing around, her bare feet getting number by the second, squirming against a wall. Jade is getting pretty desperate by now, as you will see etched into her stunning features, but sadly for her (for us, it’s pure merriment personified) she is about to receive a particularly vicious hogtie, to really keep her under the cosh!

Slammed onto her belly, the heavily cleave wrap gagged and visible damsel is subjected to a thorough pigbinding and naked-foot attack. Jade wriggles intensely as he increases the pressure on her feet while banging on about her being some kind of spy again. What a nutter. But there is little she can do to deter him, all roped up like this. She is soon left alone to deal with her huge, face-compromising gag there, her limbs in another world, feet not even feeling like her own. This guy needs serious counselling. But there is nobody available, it seems, to take his call. Or hers for that matter! Only one thing for it then. A solid rage against her restraints! Good luck, Jade. We’ll be watching very closely, to see how you fare! In your gorgeous silk underwear, flashing us those cute feet as often as possible while you’re about it

***All productions (video & images) & associated bondage scenarios depicted are strictly of a role play and story driven nature and feature fully consenting participants aged over 18 and established safe signals (clearly defined within each fantasy scene) between model(s) and crew are in continual use throughout the production.  Thus, these are pure, tongue in cheek adventuristic fantasy scenarios, without exception fully consensual, contextual and supported by model release to this effect***

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