Iori – Showing inside cute girl’s mouth, chewing gummy candys, sucking fingers, licking and sucking human doll, and chewing dried sardines mout-185 – MOV 1080p


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Japanese pretty girl, Iori, shows you inside her wonderful mouth!
This clip has 4 different cuts of mouth fetish & vore fetish.

1.Watching Inside Iori’s mouth and Chewing(Swallowing) gummy candys
In this cut, Iori opens her big mouth, sticks out her very long tongue, shows her teeth and uvula!!
Furthermore, Iori chews and swallows gummy bears as small human.
She licks and bites them lightly before swallowing.
Her wet tongue wriggles very erotically, and then, her strong sharp teeth press and grind the gummy bears, and they’re swallowed…!

2.Licking and Sucking Fingers and Hand(POV)
In this cut, Iori sucks your fingers while opening her mouth widely!!
She also licks them by her huge and wet tongue, so your fingers comes to be so wet…!

3.Licking and Swallowing real Human Doll
In this cut, Iori opens her huge mouth widely, sticks out long tongue, and then licks the real doll which is equal to you.
You can feel her wet tongue and warm mouth throughout your body because Iori licks and sucks your body!!
Finally, you become covered with her wet, warm and smelling saliva…!

4.Chewing and Swallowing dried sardines
In this cut, Iori sticks out her wide tongue, and let dried sardines swim into her mouth!
She licks and sucks its body, and then crushes it by her strong teeth!

Enjoy Iori’s erotic mouth, long tongue, uvula, and tons of saliva!!

*This movie is for the people who has mouth fetish, uvula fetish, spit fetish, tongue fetish, teeth fetish, neck fetish, and vore fetish.

47 minutes



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