Innocent, Gasping And Helpless! Full Video


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Autumn has a look that could melt the hearts of both men and women, her innocent doe eyes and firm body are the stuff of dreams and to have her tied is as good as it gets! Struggling and unsure of what she may be in store for Autumn struggles and squirms in the lotus, her fingers pick at the ropes but to no avail and when it’s time to gag her Autumn opens her mouth for the hard rubber ball, she’s not a fan of being gagged but she endures it like the submissive she is and what a sight it is to see her mouth so full. She is eventually roped from neck to ankles bending her over in a very uncomfortable way which has her whimpering past the ball and to hear those sweet sounds of female frustration are music to your ears! But her mind is also a prisoner of the situation, she is told that being so utterly helpless puts her at the mercy of anyone who decided to take advantage and again, those whimpers are ear candy of the highest order! She understands she is safe but it’s that deep seated, almost primal fear of being bound, gagged and helpless which makes the aspects of this video even hotter. Eventually though all things must end and in the final scene the ball gag is taken from Autumn’s mouth and as she lays on her side you can see her tummy heaving from the ordeal, her submission was total, erotic and complete and you have a front row seat to watch it unfold!

14 minutes



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