Humiliating Schoolgirl Wedgies (HD WMV)


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Starring Akira Shell & Ziva Fey
HD (1280 x 7280) WMV

Struggling with today’s classwork, Ziva is having a hard time answering her homework for today. Akira sits beside her and notices the look of confusion on her friend’s face. She wants to help her, so she leans over. But as soon as she looks over Ziva’s papers, she realizes it’s her paper. She’s a fucking copycat – copying her answers without her permission! Akira gets mad and sees a way to seek revenge — wedgie bullying her. Good thing they have skimpy, short uniform skirts, and Ziva’s panty is in plain sight. Gotcha, bitch!


Pulling with all her might, Akira grabs her white panty and pulls it so high in the air, that Ziva could not even move. The small girl was too stunned to fight back as Akira got a good grip out on it. She moans and begs for her to stop, but Akira’s just too pissed with her friend. Ziva betrayed her and so she deserves all the rough cotton rubbing wedgies she could get. 


Upset and embarrassed from the classrooms roaring laughter, Ziva gets a chance to get back at Akira, so she grabs her neon panty and hangs it over her shoulder. Akira screams so hard as her taint’s getting ripped open with how extremely tight the pulling is. She fights back, as they exchange banters with each other. They know some of their classmates are secretly filming them, and while extremely humiliated, they make sure to put up a good show for their audience, lifting Ziva up in the air with nothing but her panties! 


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11 minutes



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