Human Panty Hamper (HD 4K MP4)


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Mistress Mona Thea’s StepDaddy comes into Her room and starts yelling at Her about how messy it is with dirty laundry all over the floor. He tells Her that She’s in big trouble because he’s warned Her before. But She fires back:

“I know you’ve been cheating on step-mom with that dominatrix. I’ve got pictures to prove it, and I’m gonna show them to Her!”

He immediately changes his tone and offers to do whatever She wants if She agrees not to show the pictures to anyone. She asked him if he’s sure he’ll do “anything”, and he says yes.

“You’re going to be My slave, StepDaddy and you’re gonna pay me all that money instead of Her”

She makes him takeoff his clothes and secures his wrists over his head with a belt. She sits on his chest and grabs a pile of Her filthy clothes. She puts a pair of Her fragrant, soiled pantyhose over his head.

“Do you like the smell of My dirty pantyhose? You’re the one that’s going to be doing ALL the cleaning from now on StepDaddy, but with your mouth. We’ll start with My dirty stinky panties”

She makes him smell the crotch of a pink pair of Her, smelly, pussy-stained, soiled panties, making him take deep inhales of the discharge -laden crotch.

“Tell me that’s the greatest smell in the world”

When She asks him if he wants a drink, She makes him open his mouth and spits in spits in it to help get the taste out. She drops more thick loogies down his throat. She makes him open his mouth again and starts wiping the dirty thong over his outstretched tongue.

“Eat all that nasty gunk from My pussy, slave….mmmmh, don’t you LOVE the taste?”

She makes him smell and suck clean every crusty, smeary pair of filthy panties She has, even taking off the ones She’s wearing before moving to Her dirty socks. She makes him smell and suck clean a few pairs, then stuffs everything into his mouth at once. She stands up and then sits on his face, smotHering him under Her with nothing but filthy dirty panties and socks to breathe through.

15 minutes



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