How to Ruin Your StepSister’s Day


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Your StepSister didn’t wake up on time and she’s running late for her final collage exam. She bursts into your room to ask you for a ride. She catches you jerking off to a live stream. She’s shocked but her exam is more important. She looks away while talking to you and tries to rush you. You agree, but you can’t do your pants up because you have a boner. She says you should finish quickly but your favourite cam girl just finished streaming. Your StepSister is desperate so she flashes you with her tits in hopes of helping you cum. You’re still hard! She can’t believe that so she quickly strokes you. Nothing! Even with her dirty talking about her with her friends, you’re still hard! You need a blowjob. She can’t do that – it will ruin her makeup! It’s decided – she needs you to cum really fast. She lays down, takes of her panties and lifts up her skirt. Fuck her missionary and cum. Do it fast! Just remember to pull out on time – she’s not on birth control! You fuck her pussy while she encourages you to cum. You can’t make it and creampie her. What have you done!? What if she gets pregnant? We have to put it on hold for now! To the car!

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