How Loyal Is This Slave ? – Facebook Stalker Part 2


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Hellooo, ´member me? the cute-19-year old bratty princess, Riley? I am here once again with my FACEBOOK STALKER, he says he would do anything for me(Yeah! ) even lick my DIRY FEET CLEAN(EWWW, how grossss )
I love having this pathetic old-men drooling all over me. What a loser, he doubles my age, and yet and I know I have him wrapped around my finger. But I want to put his loyalty to the test. I plan to get my feet very dirty, gonna walk on grass, shove them in mud, ¨I´M GONNA MAKE HIM LICK MY DIRTY-FEET CLEAN¨and he is going to show me how loyal he is.
We are at the park, a lot of people is watching around, he beg me no to do it in a public place, but I don´t care, he will do what ever I say, and on this bench, in public, he will lick my feet CLEAN!!.
A princess like me should do WHAT EVER SHE WAS, only because I´m cute. And old perverted losers like him, should kneed own before us, with hands open to show us how much they´re willing to do for us.And today, MY SLAVE, will show his infatuation to me, and I will test him with my mud-dirty feet.
NOTE:  Princess Riley is naturally bratty here, don´t let her cute innocent face fool you.  She always wants her way.  She knows the power she has to control old-men who are twice her age and she enjoys it, A LOT.
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