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I know you can’t resist me in this see-through black dress. Everyone in the Michelin star restaurant could see My entire body through the sheer material. you couldn’t keep your eyes off of Me, furtively glancing at My tits and round ass, trying not to look in between My legs. your awkward attempts to conceal your desires invigorated and empowered Me and honestly made My panties moist. I guess it’s the control freak in Me. As our relationship has evolved, you’ve clearly begun to recognize who I really am. I only want wealthy men in My life and I insist that you give your best at all times. That includes spending lavishly on Me. That’s what I deserve, that’s what I want, and that’s what I will have. And as I stare at you, with My beautiful brown eyes piercing your soul and My legs slowly spreading to tease you with My barely covered kitty, you have no will to resist. But I can tell that you like it, that you’re turned on by My greed and air of superiority. you are becoming more and more submissive and succumbing to My desires for a Female-led relationship. I think it’s time you drop any cloak of being equal to Me and embrace your place on your knees, literally and figuratively, as My bitch satisfying only My needs, and none of your own.


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