Hikaru Konno – ULTRA HARDCORE TICKLING a masochistic masked MALE standing tied to a door (FM TICKLING) (Hikaru’s TICKLING part6) TIC-269-6 – MOV




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This is Hikaru’s sixth TICKLING fetish movie!

As thumbnails may already tell you, Hikaru is a Japanese perfect beauty and has hot slender body.
In this clip, she wears a gym uniform cosplay, and TICKLES a masochistic masked MALE student, just because he ditched her class again, so she has decided to punish him for never making the same mistakes.
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MALE has been tied to the door in order not to escape away.
There Hikaru appears and starts TICKCKLING with a soft feather-touch.
From the body front, when she sticks close, she positions her head near MALE’S ear, then whispers a sweet word into it while TICKLING on the armpits at the same time.]
It naturally takes no time for him to fall into the hell of ticklishness, as you know.
, she insets one arm behind his body and enjoys TICKLING on all over the upper half of the body.
We can watch her wide variety of fingerings, ranging from sliding a tip of finger on surface, to tapping one point such as nipple.
Eventually, we find that MALE erects his cock, but she is not in the mood to give a sexual pleasure to it.
On the contrary, she sits down on the floor, very close to the dick, she aims at the groin or inner sides of legs.
Looking upward, this little devil grins at him.
MALE will have been irritated until she will feel his sign of remorse in mind, and will reward him by a handjob.
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Enjoy Hikaru’s erotic TICKLING fetish movie and ejaculate many times!

10 minutes