Hikaru Konno – ULTRA HARDCORE TICKLING a masochistic masked MALE kneeling down and putting his own hands on his head, by a Japanese beautiful teacher (FM TICKLING) (Hikaru’s TICKLING part4) TIC-269-4




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This is Hikaru’s fourth TICKLING fetish movie!

As thumbnails may already tell you, Hikaru is a Japanese perfect beauty and has hot slender body.
In this clip, she wears a gym uniform cosplay, and TICKLES a masochistic masked MALE student, just because he ditched her class so she has decided to punish him for never making the same mistakes.
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To begin with, she starts punishment with a soft feather-touch.
Her target ranges from the surface of arms to the armpits.
I bet you all get sexually excited by not only her fingerings but a sexual atmosphere surrounding her.
, she suddenly gives ticklishness to the sides by pushing fingers into the space under ribs where, you may know, is one of the weak points to us.
Actually, MALE is about to crumple but she orders him to keep the pose in a strict manner.
While the punishment is, she eventually finds that MALE erects clearly over the underwear.
She grins at him only for a moment, but she changes her target to the nipples, never to touch his dick.
I bet you all are wondering how MALE become, or maybe driven crazy, under the circumstance that he is given only the feelings of irritation until she will stimulate his cock.

Enjoy Hikaru’s erotic TICKLING fetish movie and ejaculate many times!

11 minutes