Helping My Boyfriend Cum In His Own Mouth


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You come into my room as my girlfriend and we start talking. You say how I am so vanilla in the bedroom and aren’t willing to do anything fun or exciting. I tell you I do have a kinky fantasy and you get excited. I tell you I want to taste my own cum. You are amazed I’d do it but are excited to help me do it. You tell me to strip down and to start jacking off and you’ll give me a strip tease. Strip out of all of your clothing, shoe, socks, etc. I ask you how I should do it and you demonstrate how I can flip my legs over my head and finish in my mouth. Also demonstrate walking my legs up a wall so I can get my dick over my mouth. Rub yourself as you tell me how excited you are to see it. Talk about how I’ll probably get sprayed in the face as well and how much it excites you. Tell me we should cum together and that you are getting close. Count me down and I bust in my mouth and all over my face. Comment about how much cum there is and act turned on by the experience. Ask about how it taste and if I liked it. I tell you I did and you talk about how many new ideas you have for us in the bedroom now.

11 minutes



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