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Tracy our favorite Amazon told us she wanted to wrestle a big man so she would try out a new hold she learned.  She said it was called a Spladle and with  her long, lean, strong legs she wanted an oponeent who could handle his legs being spread out wide.  She also wanted him to wear a black mask, we didn’t ask questions, when Tracy wants to wrestle, she wrestles.  So we called up Chris, he’s out go-to big, strong guy, and he came right over.  No questions asked he put on the mask and stepped on the mats. Now Tracy was topless and wearing only a tiny, almost a g-string thong looking confident and sexy as always.  She took him down with a headlock and quickly trapped him in a painful head scissor with his face, mask and all, buried deep in her crotch.  He could hardly breath and every breath filled his lungs with the scent of this Amazon dominating him.  Tracy calmly held him trapped then moved to a brutal camel clutch straining his neck and spine.  Tracy is deceptively strong, and she had no trouble keeping the camel clutch tight and the bigger man helpless.   What really took the fight out of Chris was the unexpected Spladle hold, stretching his inner thigh muscles far more than they are supposed to stretch.  More painful and effective than a grapevine.  Any hopes Chris may have had about making a comeback were dashed by the Spladle.  After that, Tracy easily finished him off with a long, tight body scissors, a face sit and a hard reverse head scissors to finish him off.  

15 minutes