Getting Naughty With My Facial Features, With A Spunky Surprise On My Lips For You To Kiss Off Afterwards


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You know I really like looking pretty for you. My beautiful long red hair, my beautiful eyes and eye lashes, my lips and how they look when they’re wrapped around your big black cock (BBC), my tongue and the ways I use it, my button nose and the goodies inside. You get turned on just by looking at me. I mean, it is your fault that I’m pregnant with our baby. We keep spending this naughty intimate time together, so of course you get me pregnant.
I get turned on by you getting turned on, so I decide I want to kiss you. I tell you to jerk your big black cock off while I peck kiss you and tongue kiss you. I ask if you can taste the leftover spunk from when you stuffed your massive cock in my mouth earlier, and came inside it.  I talk about how big it is, and how difficult it is for my mouth or hands to wrap around that huge fat dick.
I’m also obsessed with those big fat African lips that I love to suck on when we make out. They’re just so damn juicy! I remind you of when I tongue-fucked your asshole earlier, and sucked on your balls, and how you get to suck on my tongue now. I love the texture of your hair and how I can pull on it, while you pull on mine. I’d say we’re a pretty good match!
I then pull my nose up and let you stick your tongue all the way up in each nostril, asking if you can taste the hair and sweet snot. I love looking at you jerking that big black cock while you tongue-fuck my nostrils, just like I tongue-fucked your asshole. After we’ve made-out some more and you’ve thoroughly tongue-fucked my nostrils, I notice how hard and ready to cum that big black dick is. I encourage you to stuff the enormous thing down my throat and then cum all over my pretty lips. I open my mouth wide, with my tongue sticking out, and move with the rhythm of your dick sliding in and out of it, while moaning and encouraging you to cum. You have no problem with this and end up completely coating my mouth and chin with your sticky sweet spunk.
I’m not done with you yet though, since getting your hot thick load all over my face turns me on even more. I go back to kissing you and have you suck on my tongue some more, so you can taste the spunk on my face and in my mouth. I love that we can share this, as I feel your juicy lips suck the spunk from my tongue, and stare into your eyes with my green ones.
Afterwards, I gush about how excited I am to have our baby, and that’s going to be so gorgeous by the way. All my best features and all of your best features? I can only just imagine how beautiful he or she will be. Spunk, like the stuff covering my lips, is what got me pregnant after all. I smile at you, modeling off all my beautiful facial feature once more. I finish by gushing about how much I love spending this intimate time with you and I want to continue to do so, often.

11 minutes



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