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Starring Maia Evon

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Plump and pregnant, Maia opens up to her friend about how getting tickled by some guy became the highlight of her pregnant life. And now, she becomes the ultimate foot-tickling advocate, convincing her that it’s not just therapeutic, but also leads to a playful and sensual session in bed! 


 Looks like Maia’s friend is itching to test out her tickle skills on her extra-sensitive, pregnant feet. Will the pregnancy factor take her ticklishness to a whole new level? Since this is the first time she’s ever had a girl tickle her feet, she’s understandably nervous about bracing herself, so she had her feet shackled so tightly that she couldn’t move a muscle.


There’s no way she can get away from her dear friend’s tickling with her feet tied on the bed and her toes knotted so tightly with each other. The pink feather’s gentle touches on her feet send shivers down her spine and cause her toes to scrunch up in delight. She laughs uncontrollably as the feathers’ soft, squishy bristles scrape across her wrinkled soles, producing a tingling, electric feeling. Tickling feathers on wrinkled soles: the ultimate laughter-inducing tickle therapy!


Already coughing and gasping for air from laughing so hard at the tickling of her feet, Maia just can’t stop. The feather, scrapers, and makeup brush scraping and tickling on her sensitive feet give her an intense sensation that makes her giggle so hard. However, her friend believes the real excitement lies in the art of toe-sucking, guaranteed to make any lady holler and hoot between the sheets. Maia’s tickle-induced thrill takes an unexpected turn as her friend indulges in some foot-sucking!


Who knew a girls’ night out could turn into a tickle fest that had Maia Evan’s pregnant belly doing the jitterbug? Laughter galore and belly squirms, talk about extreme fun!

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