Flawless Soles Ignore – 4K MP4


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Flawless Soles Ignore

Trinity is busy on her phone, responding to her messages with her bare feet, soles and toes in your view up in front of her. This beauty knows you’re just a loser who likes to creep, so pay for the feet, look and don’t touch as this brat completely ignores you. You aren’t worth any time or attention, in fact the only attention that Trinity pays you is to flick you off and give you the loser sign, reminding you of your place, below her, at her feet. Tip sexy Trinity and her bare feet for getting to view them up close, $5 for every middle finger she gives you and $10 for every loser sign.. while you fixate on her feet, bare soles, wrinkles, and toes.

Trinity is 24 years old beautiful Amazon woman with 12 (42 EU) size gigantic feet and long toes. She is 61” (184 cm) tall and 152 LBS (69 KG). She is a sexy lady with big feet, high arches and long toes.

Hope you are ready to lock yourself up and worship these perfect feet!. She teases you with their bare feet, softest pink soles and smooth toes! You will absolutely drool at sight of Trinity’s feet and elegant toes.

The video is MP4 (H.264) encoded at 3840×2160 4K resolution. Exclusive models, only at our website.

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