Fitness Model, Gymnast vs “Farm Girl Strong” Wrester-Loser Choked, Scissors, Fingered & Fucked-Wynona vs Cheyenne


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Fitness model and gymnast Wenona, standing 5’9″ tall and rocking a finely chiseled 125lb. body, has cardio to burn and always proves to be a workout for any opponent. You’ve probably heard of “farm-girl strength”, and experienced wrestler Cheyenne Jewel (5’5″ 125 lbs.) has exactly that. Broad shoulders, strong arms, powerful hips and legs-this girl is the real deal. Cheyenne goes on the attack immediately, using her brute strength to crush Wenona in a variety of scissors, pins, headlocks, rear naked chokes and arm bars, seemingly making it look easy. But Wenona is in top condition and has plenty of fight in her before any girl is going to put her face down, ass up and fuck her at the end of a match. After a series of crushing and dominating submissions, Wenona taps out and now knows she must give up the pussy. She is bent over and roughly fingered before getting fucked fiercely from behind with the strap-on. She orally services the tool, tasting her own juices, before getting thrown to her back and deeply penetrated, her long legs spread as far apart as possible. As always, the match has a very conclusive ending and Wenona indeed ends up face down and fucked hard. Her pussy is then eaten to orgasm before a final face fuck, testing her gag reflex, and teaching her a hard earned wrestling lesson!

42 minutes



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