FFGFAN Rivals mp4


Sybil vs SinD. SinD wears a pink leotard, tights and boots and Sybil wears a silver leotard, tights and boots. SinD cuts a promo on Sybil. She sneaks up on Sybil and knocks her back. Sybil and SinD confront each other. SinD pushes Sybil into the corner and starts the match. Sybil ends up in a camel clutch, chin lock. SinD throws Sybil into the turnbuckle and then drags her around the ring by her hair. Low blow. Thumb to throat. Trash talking. Flying headbutt to the crotch. More trash talk. Waist lock. Reversal. Test of strength. Knee to belly. RNC. Biting. Pin attempt. Scissor. Shoulder lock. Armbar. Biting. Surfboard. Victory pose. 

Length:11 min
Size:438 MB

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