Farts For My Human Toilet (HD 1080P MP4)


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Mistress Nova Maverick has been out partying with Her girlfriends, but came home a little early because Her stomach was upset and She has bad gas. The slave is bound on its back, blindfolded with a ball gag and nose hook keeping its nostrils wide open, laying on an inflatable sex sofa. Mistress Nova has a drink in Her hand, wearing a black PVC, zip-up crotch one-piece:

“I know I told you that we’d start on your toilet training next week with My girlfriends, but that dinner made Me fart, so I figured this was as good a time as any to start conditioning you to My ass smells”

The slave cannot answer, but mumbles its ascent though its ball gag. She unzips the crotch of Her one-piece, turns around and spread the bottoms open, exposing Her crack and giving the slave access to Her asshole. She straddles the slave’s head, Her ass crack in its face. She reaches back and spreads Her cheeks a little wider and blasts a short, loud fart into the slave’s nose. The slave cannot breathe through its mouth and has no choice but to inhale every toxic bit of Her ass gas. She rolls Her ass back onto the slave’s face and head, smothering it in Her fart odor.

“Breathe deeply piggy, I know it’s hard at first, but you’re gonna love this. All piggies do”

She reaches back and holds the slave’s head steady, making sure that it can’t escape breathing in the fart. She keeps the slave’s face buried in Her ass, then gives the slave a little air, which it gratefully inhales loudly. She pushes Her asshole back so it’s lined up directly with the slave’s pried-open nostrils and blasts a nasty, wet fart directly into the slave’s lungs. The slave starts gagging and choking on the smell, but is compelled to breathe in the hot, nasty fart.

“I think I want your mouth free now slave. There’s some residue coming along with these wet farts and I need you to lick My asshole clean after each one”

She takes off the head harness and gag, sitting back down on the slave’s face with Her perfect, round ass. She spreads Her cheeks again and orders the slavet to stick out its tongue. The slave does, prompting Her to blow another nasty fart onto the slave’s tongue. It starts coughing and retching, but She crops the slave’s body with Her pink riding crop:

“You’d better inhale every fucking bit of that fart! You’re a fucking toilet! These farts are nothing compared to the main course. Now lick out My asshole and you’d better tell Me how much you love the smell and taste. Now SAY IT!”

The slave tells Her it loves the smell and taste of Her farts and begs for more. She just smiles and blasts another fart into the slave’s face as soon as its done thanking Her. The slave is taken by surprise, starts to choke and cry so She just sits down on the slave’s face, smothering it and ordering its tongue up Her asshole:

“Tongue IN, bitch. Good, see if you can suck out the next fart”

The slave starts to tongue fuck Her asshole, causing Her to start grinding on the slave’s face with Her open asshole. It obviously feels good as She starts to bounce up and down on the slave’s outstretched tongue. She releases a few small farts into the slave’ nose and mouth, then makes the slave kiss Her asshole goodbye before telling it:

“I’m gonna leave for a bit and come back later. And maybe I’ll have something more….substantial for you to smell and taste this time, toilet”

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