Extreme sounding with a drill – Master Bex – MP4 4K Ultra HD


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I always enjoy experimenting with my slaves, and when I saw my drill sitting around with an extra long driver bit, I immediately wondered how far I could shove it up the shaft of dirty fuckers cock! I put it in his mouth and made him lubricate it for me, then started to screw the shaft of his cock with my drill! My drill bit went in with a bit of persuasion, and I drove it all the way to the end! 20cm! I pulled it out, then upped the speed, and went back in, drilling dirty fuckers cock from the inside! He said it felt amazing! So I sped up even more while I was fully immersed! I started fucking the shaft of his cock, in and out, faster and faster with my drill as he was restrained to the staircase! I started to drill the outside of dirty fuckers cock, as I liked the way my driver bit was twisting his skin and turning it, making dirty fucker whine and moan! I then moved my drill up to his belly and nipples, trapping and twisting his skin in the most sadistic of ways, the black down to his cock, where I had a lot of fun twisting and turning his cock skin! I then step up the CBT, and bring a pair of wrench pliers and plier grips! I attach the plier grips firmly to his foreskin and let the heavy weight of them stretchy his cock down, and then catch the other end of his foreskin in the jaws of my wrench pliers, and hold his cock up, so that his cock is being pulled in both directions by heavy metal! This was excruciating for dirty fucker, and it was obvious that he was struggling to take it! I tormented him and stretched his foreskin to its limits, before smacking his cock with the heavy metal tools! This left dirty fucker an emotional wreck! THIS IS EXTREME!



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8 minutes



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