Elves vs Templars: Dungeon Escape Attempt (Scarlett Foxett, Lucy Lauren, Ariel Anderssen, VID0765 1080p MP4)


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Elven Queen Ariel has been taken away for special questioning, the Templars having discerned that of their three prisoners, she was the most likely to crack and reveal the information they need to complete their invasion of the kingdom. They have left Captain Lucy of the Queen’s guard and chief of the Pathfinder specialforces Scarlett to languish in the dungeons of their castle – relying on the cold iron and the magic of the chains to sap their magical powers and keep them tired and listless.

But the resourceful elven warriors have just been biding their time, pretending to be more drained of vitality than they truly are. When the guards slip up and drop a single key just outside the cage, the two naked beauties start to struggle free of their bonds. They manage to slip free of the cold steel Darby cuffs and shackles and make it out into the dungeon complex. They reclaim their arms and equipment and slip out of the dungeon entrance into the castle grounds… but they run into a Templar Elder! A brief duel ensues but Captain Lucy’s strength has been drained too much by the incarceration in the Templar’s energy-sapping magics and the two are overpowered and re-captured!

The Templars will not make that mistake again. This time the two prisoners will be kept in stress positions! They start on their knees, facing each other, with magical chains running from Scarlett’s nipples to Lucy’s. Every move one of them makes translates immediately to pain for her poor companion! Wrists shackled to each other’s with heavy steel chains and collared and chained to the ceiling, this is an unceasing torment for the brave elven warriors!

Even when released from the nipple clamps, they must kneel up facing the wall under constant inspection. The Templars are determined to break their spirits this time!

Once the endurance position punishments are done, the guards throw the two prisoners into the cell where Queen Ariel has been captured. She didn’t reveal all – maybe if they listen in to what the three captives say to each other they will find the information they need? Even if the indefatigable Scarlett starts trying to bash her way out of the metal bondage…

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