Dentist exam closeup sloppy tongue play


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“I want another mouth/tongue play video but this one to me more detailed than the others and POV style. You’re blindfolded and have been put under anaesthesia so that the dentist can do whatever he wants with your mouth. Firstly he turns on a light that is focussed solely on your mouth which will be useful later. Secondly he starts pulling on your lips to see all your teeth and gums. Afterwards he opens your mouth and makes sure that the light is showing everything off, moving in closer for a better view.  Now he starts feeling your tongue while it’s resting in your mouth. Pressing down on it to see your uvula, stroking it, pressing the sides of it in to move it to see your inner jaw. He then pulls it out where it will be for the rest of the video to thoroughly examine it. Squeezing it, shoving two fingers under it to keep it in place while he massages and strokes it, pulling it out as far as it will come (as far as you are comfortable with it being pulled) to see the back of your throat while the camera pans around the mouth to see everything up close. He then pulls it side to side for those views too!  Finally, he lets go of the tongue but closes your mouth on it to keep it in place while he probes it with his finger before placing it back in your mouth and ending the video.”

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