CyberPunk StepMomDom BJ


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You go into your stepmoms room of your new place, looking for your stepdad. You’re surprised to find her all dolled up, sitting there in a bra that makes her tits extra perky. She doesn’t realize it’s you at first and greets you with a sensual hello then looks shocked and dismayed. She quickly straightens up when she realizes it’s you. You’re also caught off guard. You’ve never seen her like this before, in this kind of mood. You feel your cock twitch in your pants. “She’s my stepmom!” You think to yourself, “stop it brain!” But it’s too late. She notices. You’re embarrassed and thinking you’re about to get scolded and shamed but the next words to come out of her mouth shock you. “I like to put good boys in my mouth. As long as they follow MY rules” Your cock, albeit small, engorges. Bigger than it’s ever been. “Wh…what?!” She explains since you all live in the wild Night City now she may as well show you what a GOOD blowjob feels like. So you’re not going out there and paying some basic JoyToy for a mediocre one. She also comments that, it’s small and she recommends you never fuck anyone. Only blowjobs for you. Come here. I’m your stepmommyDOMME now, understand? A blow job is risky. A woman has…teeth and tenacity. Watch yourself.
And you will eat your cum like a good boy when I’m done.
She pulls down your pants. “I see you’re ready already!”
*Light humiliation. Sph mixed with light reassurance. Messy blowjob. Handjob. Gagging. Eye contact.*

12 minutes



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