Cute Jungle Girl Enslaved By Lesbian MILFs (wmv)


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Taken away from her natural habitat, jungle girl Maria Martinez finds herself in new surroundings where a life as a bondage slave is about to begin.Handcuffed and hooded, the forest maiden is led into a rope by a woman, Laura, pulling the rope around her waist. The girl is sat down and unhooded. She fearfully looks at the woman as she is about to be gagged.The woman cleaves a white bandage wrap in the girls mouth, making her a really tight cleave gag! The girl is then made a tight crotch rope and has her handcuffs replaced with rope.She is put on the floor and left to struggle for a while until the woman comes back with her lesbian BBW partner, Wendy. Wendy picks up the bound and gagged girl and carries her over the shoulder and down into the basement.In the basement, the girl is put on a bed in a dull bedroom. The lesbian women hogties the girl on the bed and panty hoods her with dirty panties with a rope attached and tied to her feet! The hogtied Amazonas girl has her face clad with dirty floral panties clinging to her face, and the MILFs love everything about it!Included in this clip: rope bondage, jungle girl, crotch roped, bound and carried, ots carried, cleave wrap gagged girl, bound and gagged, hogtied girl, barefoot bondage, panty hooded, bdsm, fetishDIALOGUE IN SPANISHYou may also like: Huff And Taste My Dirty Panties!

18 minutes



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