Crypto Crush! Part 2 (High Definition)


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‘i cant help you no’ he tries to mumble “YOU DONT SAY NO TO US THATS NOT HOW THIS WORKS” they tell him then both grab him and drag him to the floor! “MAYBE WE NEED TO CONVINCE YOU!” quickly the blonde sits on his face before he can call for help while the redhead pins his legs down! “WHICH CRYPTO EXCHANGE DO YOU USE..TELL ME..YOUR PHONE?” she pries him for information “COLD STORAGE?” she turns to her friend “SWITCH!” Rosie now comes forward and pins him in a schoolgirl hold then sits on his face while the blonde KICKS his calls with her heel “WHERE IS IT” they demand and switch again with the blonde now sitting on his face “I’VE GOT AN IDEA” she says “SIT ON HIM QUICK!” Rosie quickly sits on him in a Reverse Facesit, while the blonde grabs his phone and holds it to his face “SMILLLLE” to unlock it! “OH FUCK…HE HAS MILLIONS!” she says as she begins transferring his funds to their account “SEND IT TO OUR WALLET!” he tries to push Rosie off but she keeps him smothered in her ass “TRANSACTION PENDING!..WE’VE GOT YOUR MONNNNNEY” they sing in a nursery rhyme taunt as the blonde PUNCHES his balls and the redhead sits on his face before she scissors him as they finalise the transfer “TRANSACTION COMPLETE..BYE LOOOOSER” the laugh out the door!

5 minutes



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