Crushed By Constance – Part 3 – Featuring Goddess Constance – HD


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Crushed By Constance – Part 3 – Featuring Goddess Constance – HD


Evil Constance has returned to crush and smother jimmy as much as Her sadistic heart desires!  With jimmy wrapped tightly to the full weight smother bench he’s completely helpless as Constance uses Her big, beautiful booty and strong thighs to completely demolish him!

After intense chest sitting, butt drops, and face sitting, Goddess Constance is ready to move on to another of Her favorite ways to crush slave jimmy:  Head scissors!  She begins with everyone’s favorite hold, reverse head scissors!  Jimmy gets a glorious view of Constance’s amazing ass up as the pressure builds and builds…

up She tries some forward head scissors while keeping Her full weight planted on jimmy’s skinny chest.  Getting extra creative, Constance then tries some sideways holds, assuring jimmy that She won’t actually snap his neck.  Jimmy seems skeptical, but wrapped tightly in plastic wrap there’s nothing he can do but hold on for dear life as Constance uses him as Her play toy!

Will jimmy survive Constance’s crushing scissor holds???

Length:7 min
Size:569 MB

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