Corporal punishment on the personal training – The full movie – Optimized to cellular phone


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Personal trainer Zack’s not the kind of man, who takes it lightly when someone wastes his time. But the lazy bitch doesn’t care about it. She don’t stops her chatting with her friends, while Zack has to waiting, to start his job. She’s young and rich bitch, and she thinks that, he’s just her employee. But when Zack gets angry about, she’s wasting his time, so then he changes his training progams for today. He takes of her celphone, drops it on the floor, and while he argues with her, he takes off her training clothes. He criticizes her weak body, and straight says to her : she has skiny, and in her age this is absolutely not nice body. He spanks her ass, and his client starts to talking back to him, like bratty girl. Zack slaps her face, and the next picture, she’s strictly tied on the trainingroom eqipment, and Zack strarts to training her for respect.He spanks her ass, and immediately penetrates her with his hard dick. She like’s it, so it’s not her real punishment, but now she’s absolutly under his control, and has to following his orders. And he roughly fucks her, during she gets spanking. Maybe, she just wants to provokate her handsome trainer, to get his dick. But perhabs, she hasn’t planing that he ties her, and spanks her, and teats her like his own bitch. And he’s not hesitating to useing her ass hole too. He fucks also her brown hole roughly.So then Zack continues his personal fitness girl, and fucks her ass hole well, and during he’s pounding her ass hole, he spanks her ass hard. She’s playing with him, asks him to stop, while she’s enjoyables moan, and she loves his dick in her butt hole.
Anyway, she says yes or and no the end she has her bounded anal orgasms. Zack don’t hesitates to fuck her roughly, including her mouth, and pussy, it’s “all holes game”. She loves his dominaton style. Her nipples gets hard, while he fucks her roughly. She has her orgasms, in both of her holes, in her cunt, and also in her ass hole.
Zack shots his semen, and he covers her nice face with it.

24 minutes



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