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Luna wants to go on a date but Charlie wants to go on date with the same guy.
She overpowers Luna and puts a ballgag inside of her mouth. She is fully tied with tape and Charlie Taunts Luna while she is bound and gagged. Luna is helpless now and struggles while producing muffled gag talk through the gag. The situation becomes increasingly tense as Lunas muffled pleas for help go unheard. Charlie, fueled by a sense of power, continues to taunt her, oblivious to Lunas growing DID. Lunas eyes dart around the room, desperately searching for a way to free herself from this terrifying predicament.
Her ballgag gets replaced by a tight duct tape wrap gag. Charlie has some fun and gags herself as well. Charlie wants to do some gag kissing while still bullying Luna bit trough her duct tape gag. With Luna totally helpless Charlie thinks “mission accomplished” As Luna struggles against her restraints, her fear intensifies, realizing that escape seems impossible. She desperately tries to communicate her to Charlie through her eyes, hoping he will see the genuine fear and stop his cruel actions. However, Charlies enjoyment only seems to increase as he continues to push the boundaries of his power over Luna, completely disregarding the impact it is having on her.
The date shows up and asks Charlie if she likes this to be done to her. Charlie tries to explain him that Luna likes it but he should not tie her up. He ties her even further and adds an OTN gag to both silencing them even more. Despite Charlies attempts to justify his actions, it becomes clear that Lunas discomfort and fear are genuine. The date, concerned for Lunas well-being, questions Charlies understanding of consent and boundaries. Ignoring the concerns raised, He proceeds to tighten the restraints and intensify the control over Charlie.
They are put back to back with their heads taped together over the tight OTN gag. They struggle helplesly while the date takes his leave. As Luna and Charlie struggle helplessly, their muffled protests grow more desperate. The realization dawns on Luna that her trust in Charlie has been shattered, leaving her feeling even more vulnerable. With each passing moment, the fear of what may come next intensifies, leaving them both with a lingering sense of dread.
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