Caboose Kaboom! – Ludella’s Fanny Under Fire in this Fireworks of a Butt Prank Camping Comedy – WMV 720p


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Clip Includes: Humor, Slapstick, Cartoony Comedy, Butt Pranks, Sound FX, Embarrassment, Ludella is on Yearly Camping Trip with Friends and Complains About How There’s Always Somebody Setting Off Fireworks that Ruins the Ambiance…only to then have the FIREWORKS turned on her FANNY in a Series of Butt Pranks (and BOOB PRANK), Multiple Pranks on Her Bottom, Hot Butt, Booty Rubbing, Firecracker Lands in Her Cleavage, Hot Tits, Pulls Down Dress, Icy Tit Play, Bare Boob Squeezing, Using Cooler and Ice to Cool Off, Moaning with Ahegao Faces and Goofy Grins of Relief Followed by Embarrassment, Falling Into Box of Fireworks While The Back of Her Dress is On Fire Causing a Can Can of Catastrophe on Her Caboose, Has a Moment of Relief When it Stops Only to Be Blasted in the Booty Again for a Fireworks Finale that Sends Her Soaring into the Sky (and blasting her dress right off her), Stripped, ENF, Falls Facedown on the Ground with Her Smoking Red Hot Booty In the Air, Hot Buns, Goofy Talk Until She Comes To and Realizes Her Buns Are Burning, Tries Blowing On Them and Eventually Jumps Up and Shakes Her Caboose While Complaining About the Burning, Yells For Us and Runs to Sink Her Poor Booty Into the Ice Cooler in the Full Nude, Goofy Grins and Ahegao Faces When Cooling Off Butt Grinding Up and Down and Whipping Hair, Realizes After a While That She’s Fully Naked and Becomes Embarrassed Again But Almost Doesn’t Care At This Point Because The Ice Feels So Good On Her Bottom, Funny, Funny Faces, Curvy, Thick, Big Tits, Big Butt, Curvy Legs, Full Bush, Embarrassment, Humiliation, Booty Jiggling, Twerking, Moaning, Ludella Hahn, Contains Some FULL NUDITY
TLDR Summary (sort of…as best as I could shorten it…heh…) Ludella is on her annual camping trip with friends playing happy hostess and gushing over how lovely it is to be there when some fireworks go off in the distance. Her prim and proper self is NOT a fan of them and feels that they completely ruin the ambiance in addition to being very dangerous. BUTT soon her fanny is under fire when a series of firecracker butt pranks make her caboose go KABOOM. She has one thrown at her tush, a whole pile placed on her seat, and a BIG ONE lit and tossed under her chair, each time becoming less composed with her behavior and reacting out of primal rawness, like when she pulls down her panties and sinks her sore bottom into the cooler of ice grinding up and down with moans and goofy grins before realizing what she’s done and apologizing to everyone about making such a spectacle of herself. No longer able to sit comfortably after squirming in her seat from the pain, she asks if anyone else wants ice and grabs some to put down her underwear as stealthily as she can. But a rogue firecracker whistles by and she tries to hide behind a tree when it lands right in her cleavage! She jumps and hits at her chest to put out whatever flames are burning her hot tits, eventually untying the top of her dress and grabbing handfuls of ice to cool off her bare breasts. She moans in pleasure with goofy grins as she caresses her big tits, squeezing them and dripping the ice over her breasts and nipples for a while before realizing she’s doing this in front of a crowd and becomes incredibly embarrassed, apologizing for her behavior and deciding it best to turn in for the night. But then more firecrackers are going off all around and with her now apparent (and justified) paranoia, she dodges and swerves to avoid them, losing her balance and falling backward onto a sharp grill fork. She yelps in pain, plucking it from her bottom and unaware that another full sized firework has been placed beneath her derriere until BANG! “Yeowwwwwch!!!” Hopping up and down from the pain (and freaking out that the back of her dress is on fire), she loses balance again and falls butt-first into a box of fireworks. She’s stuck! And is something…burning? YIKES! She looks down and sees that she’s stuck in a fireworks box and struggles to free herself but thanks to her burning dress they begin to ignite into a can-can of catastrophe on her caboose! She kicks and bounces up and down while they blast into her derriere and make a sparkly display around her. \ At last she thinks it may be over and she breathes in relief until…wait…more siz-siz-sizzling!!! And she’s off again! Kicking and screaming for a fireworks finale that ends with her blasting into the air (and blasting her dress right off of her!) She lands butt naked on the ground with her ass in the air, delirious from the blast as the smoke settles. Her poor caboose is red and smoking and she thinks someone left the grill on and is burning the ham and the buns…until she realizes it’s HER BUNS that are burning and she’s snapped out of her daze. She blows and blows trying to cool them down until she finally jumps off and yells for help, shaking and wiggling her burning booty until she finally runs back to the cooler to sink her tush into the ice water. Again, she moans in relief, grinding her bare bottom up and down into the ice to cool off. She makes goofy grins and ahegao faces while she is essentially feeling quite pleasured by the ice on her sore bottom. After doing that for a while, she realizes that she’s butt naked and gets embarrassed, sinking herself even deeper into the cooler. Then she decides to shrug it off because the ice feels just too good, though she might be stuck in it now… Either way, after this experience, she wants her caboose counted out of next year’s campout. 😛 *This video was a CUSTOM COMMISSION. Join my FREE email newsletter at to know when I am accepting custom orders again. You might also enjoy:
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