Bratty Step-Daughter Blackmails You (Topless)


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I always knew you were a dirty fucking pervert, my m o m didn’t believe me but I finally have the proof I’ve been waiting for. I found my worn dirty panties in your truck. Just admit it, you stole them out of my hamper! Probably stuffing your face in the crotch on your way to work, morning coffee and your step daughters pussy you’re disgusting! I’m going to tell her and that will be the end of your relationship, or you can play a little game with me it’s up to you. Let’s be honest my m o m will believe me, look at me, even she knows you can’t resist me, but if you want to take a chance with your life and relationship be my guest. You’ll do anything for me not to tell? That’s what I thought, wise choice. Every time I snap you’re going to give me money, I don’t care that you have bills and responsibilities I’m all that matters now. You’ll keep me happy or I’ll ruin your life! We’ll start small $1 increments to get you used to it. Then $5 and $10. Don’t look so glum, I’m going to give a little too. You’ve always wanted to see my bare naked tits and I’m going to show you. On camera of course, that’s right I’m recording this exchange. If you don’t do exactly as I say the whole world will know you’re a dirty old pervert who loves his step daughters tits and pussy.

15 minutes



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