Beth – Burgling Catburglar Overpowered After She Humiliated You WMV


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You are seated all tied up while Beth goes through your box full of gold. She taunts you while you try to speak to her. She has you all tied up with no where to go ( At least that is what she thinks) You manage to get you hands loosened and to overpower Beth. As you regain control, you swiftly grab the nearest object to defend yourself and confront Beth. With a determined look in your eyes, you warn her that underestimating your resourcefulness was a grave mistake.

You tie her up and gag her with a heavily stuffed duct tape wrap gag. With Beth now silenced you turn to her restraints. You put Beth in a tight hogtie with no chance of escaping. Now that she is all tied up you leave her alone. You quickly assess the situation and decide it’s best to leave Beth restrained for the time being while you figure out your next move. As you exit the room, a sense of relief washes over you, knowing that you have temporarily neutralized the threat.

Beth does her best trying to wriggle out of the tight ties you have put her in but there is no chance escaping them. She can only struggle and MMMMMMPPPPPH through the gag hoping you will let her go soon. As time passes, Beth’s struggles become more desperate, her muffled pleas for release growing louder. The realization dawns on her that her resourcefulness alone may not be enough to free herself from this predicament.

20 minutes



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