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I (Star Nine) invited Candle Boxxx over for revenge on a mean prank she played on me. She wore an expensive outfit and is bragging about her practical jokes, oblivious to my hurt feelings.Stripping my conservative blouse and skirt and revealing a black corset and classic garter and stockings, she thinks we are going to be playing games. Shes confused when I pull out a collar and leash and start cropping her ass, but start doing pony play. her Full Fashioned stockings start heel popping her highly arched stilettos. She reveals her reinforced sole stockings as shes crawling.I command her to wear one shoe and leave the other one off as shes bent over me for otk spanking. Peeling off her panties, shes surprised by the stinging ass smacking. Shes humiliated and embarrassed as I have her redress (off camera) and crawl out of the room.As Candles standing bound with arms overhead, I punish her with dildo sucking. Grabbing her collar, she apologizes but its too late and I rip her button up blouse, causing buttons to go flying! Shes shocked when I start snipping her skirt off but its fair after her humiliating joke.Since she wont shut up, I shove a big black ballgag in her mouth, but she continues gag talking through it! At least it muffles her bitching as she stomps her highly arched pumps. Cutting clothes off of her is satisfying as she whimpers.Tying a vibrator on her clit, something looks wrong, so I start undoing her garter belt, causing one of the FF stockings to fall down her legs. Disheveled, I leave her alone to struggle. She cums hard and kicks off her one heel and stocking while completely demoralized.Includes , , , , You may also enjoy:Lesbian Bondage DominationSchoolgirl Switch Part 1
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