Babi Ventura And Megan: You Are A Fan Of Our Stinky Farts? Well Ass Sniffer, It Is Your Lucky Day (3-Part Series)


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Babi and Megan are two well known movie stars, and they’re trying to hide from the public at a hotel room at an undisclosed location. They’re in bed, talking about how they plan to leave the hotel without anyone seeing them, but they hear a knock at the door.

Babi answers it, and it’s Daniel, one of their fans who found where the two women were hiding out. Daniel comes in and begs Babi and Megan not to call hotel security on him. He asks to take a picture with them, and they do it. Before Daniel leaves, he has 1 weird request. He wants to sniff their asses. Babi and Megan laugh at him, but they think it would be funny to make him smell their farts.

Babi and Megan make Daniel get on his knees and beg to smell their farts as they strip down naked. They make Daniel lean against the bed, and Megan is first to sit on top of him and fart on his face while Babi takes pictures of it. The two women switch positions.

Daniel tries to get up and leave, but Babi and Megan enjoy farting on one of their biggest fans. They pull him back on to the bed. Babi holds him down so Megan can sit on his face and unleash her farts in his mouth. Daniel tries to get away, but the women overpower him. Megan and Babi switches places, and Babi drops some ATOMIC FARTS on Daniel’s face!

Daniel’s fantasy of sniffing Babi’s and Megan’s asses has turned into a nightmare. He wants to escape the smell of the hotel room, but the women won’t let him. They toss Daniel to the side of the bed, surround him and fart on him at the same time, pushing out their wettest farts.

Finally, Babi and Megan are done with their obsessed fan. They make him kiss their asses goodbye and push out their biggest farts in his face before kicking him out of their hotel room.

26 minutes



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