Attorney Client Privilege: Part 1 (MP4 1080p) – Cadence Lux




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Cadence is seeing a prospective client in her office, but as soon as he starts asking questions about one of her existing clients, she is obliged to point out that she has a conflict of interest and can’t represent him. He demands to be given information about the client, and when Cadence refuses and asks him to leave, it sets in motion a chain of events that lead to her being repeatedly tied up and interrogated for information. Initially, the man comes back and ties Cadence to a chair while he tries to go through the files on her computers. Finding sensitive information password protected, he becomes more and more agitated. When his back is turned, Cadences manages to move her chair close to another desk and set of the building alarm. The man flees, warning her that this is not over.

The following morning, Cadence is on the phone to the police for a progress report. When it becomes clear that they are nowhere with the case, she tears them off a strip and hangs up, unaware that the man from the previous day is in her house and creeping up behind her. She is soon bound with duct tape in thbe back of his vehicle, being transported to a place he has waiting for her. Once there, she is secured to a bed using zip ties, and escape looks impossible… until a pair of clippers fall out of the man’s pocket and he doesn’t notice. Little by Little, Cadence works them along the bed until she can reach them. After struggling with the awkward angles for a while, she is finally able to cut herself free. She runs off into the woods outside the house, believing she has escaped from her captor, even if she is also lost. But things are not going to go well for this attorney; her ordeal is far from over.

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