Astrid in John’s hands Part 3 – Very tight suspension hogtie with thin ropes and more (HD 720p MP4)




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By John
This is the third part of bondage adventures with the cutie Astrid. Shes already quite tired, but she still has the strength to find herself once again in a very tight rope bondage and on top of that, suspended. Thats what she loves.
It all starts with me approaching her and tying a scarf around her mouth, and then I tie her hands behind her back and wrap her elbows with a thin rope in the Asian style. Then I tie her legs and create a suspended hogtie.
I also tie her big toes together. While Astrid hangs in the air, Im beside her, monitoring her well-being. She moans a lot, and its adorable.
Finally, I lower her onto a stand and put her in a classic hogtie, and I also blindfold her and gag her mouth with a cloth tape around her head. The tight bondage is combined with sensory deprivation. I leave, leaving her bound for a while. Despite the tight embrace of the ropes, Astrid endured this bondage ordeal stoically.Enjoy!
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31 minutes