Ass Tease & Humiliation For My Ass Addict Little Step-Brother -MOV 1920x1080p


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In this custom ass worship taboo fantasy,,

While bending over to pick up my pen, I notice a creepy little lurker staring at my ass, YOU. I can’t believe my little step-brother is such a pervy creep, checking out his own step-sisters ass like that. And think i haven’t noticed you gawking at my ass before too. You do All the time, you are such an ass addict aren’t you!? Well, maybe i can help you get it out of your system. I typically don’t waste my time on losers like you, but since we are stuck living in the same house together, I may as well give it try. 

I tease you with my ass by smacking and grabbing it, taunting you about how you typically run off to your room after sneaking a peak at my nice round peach. WHat are doing in there, jerking off to the fantasy of getting a closer look at my ass? Ha! Well now you have the real thing right in front of you so what are waiting for? Take it out and start stroking for me. I want to see just how bad you got it for this ass. A creep like you should be able to handle such a task. As you stroke yourself, I slide down my skin tight leggings revealing my juicy bare ass and thong. After some more taunting, slapping and spreading, I tell you to beg me to slide my thong to the side. I know you want to see my puckered little starfish, so lets her it. BEG for it loser!! Haha 

Finally I slide my thong to the side and there it is in all its glory. My bare asshole right in front of your face. AS I spread my cheeks open wide for you, I continue to encourage you to jerk yourself, but not too vigorously. After all, you want to make this moment last as long as you don’t you? But don’t worry, when you can’t take it any longer and you have no choice but to bust, you get to paint my bare ass with your big sticky load. I’m just a good step-sister aren’t I 😉

17 minutes



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