Ass Licker Surprise




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What an honor to serve Mistress Kassy. This scene opens with Kassy on the bed topless and her desperate slave on his knees worshiping her feet. “I did promise this bitch I would let him lick my ass, I suppose I should keep my word” she says looking at the camera. She then slyly adds that she can change her mind at any time because whatever she decides is right. You can almost see the slaves ears perk up. “I always know best, right slave?” she says and then she tells him to lay on the bed. “Before you get my ass you have to hold your breath for me first” she tells him as she bounces on his face but makes sure not to lift up so much that he can breathe.

Kassy reminds the slave that everything he does should be with pleasing her in mind. She stretches him out to over a minute a few times and decides that it’s enough to earn a taste of her ass. She remove her panties and you get the full glory that is her body while she makes the slave sniff them, then she surprises him by sticking them in his mouth. She sits on his stuffed face and mocks him because he isn’t licking her ass and she says she will have to get one of the other slaves to lick her ass if he doesn’t want to. “Or maybe you’re just more into cocks” she says with a giggle. “Crawl to the dungeon and tell the other slave to come up, I need my ass licked” she says. She rolls on her side so you get a birds eye of her pussy and ass and says “He’s going to love licking my ass, and I bet you would too?”  The other slave can be seen in the background crawling away… so sad!

5 minutes