Annette – SlavePunishment – Front view Part4


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Annette is a strict Mistress and Johnny is her naughty slave. The slave behaved badly and Mistress Annette decided to punish him severely.

Annette beats the disobedient slave, and he lies at her feet all the time, first licking her shod feet, then barefoot. Then he lies under her bare foot and sniffs it, shuddering from blows with a stack. And at the end of the punishment, Annette smothers the slave with her foot, hitting him with a stack.

This is the fourth part of the video. The slave’s mouth is sealed with tape and now Mistress Annette is smothering the slave with her feet, continuing to beat him with a stack. The slave twitches under the foot of the beautiful Mistress, trying to inhale the air, while receiving painful blows from the stack. He will definitely learn this lesson. If survive. When Annette lets him breathe, he can’t breathe air, but only the scent of her bare feet.


The videos were filmed with four cameras. Front view, Floor view, GoPro and Close-up view. However, if the video turns out to be uninteresting to you, dear customers, then all angles will not be posted so as not to fill the page with content that is not interesting for you 🙁

The video has English subtitles. There is no mask on the video, which can be on the preview!

14 minutes



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