An Interesting Interview (WMV)


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You’ve come to apply for a new position at KQF Industries and are pleasantly surprised by the stocking clad beauty conducting your interview. Kitty Quinn discusses come of the expectations of the position you’re applying for while you can’t help but stare at her long sexy legs clad in black stockings. You try to pay attention but continue to find yourself distracted by her dangling black high heels. Kitty notices that you seem to be captivated by her stockings and feet and calls you out on it. Much to your surprise, she reveals that the most important part of your job is going to be worshipping her pantyhose feet and stroking your cock on command. KQF Industries likes to maintain an open mindset and employ a multitude of unique alternative methods in the way they run business. She proceeds to take off her glasses and let down her hair, and begins to seduce you. Kitty tells you to pull out your dick and start stroking as she goes over all of the things your new job will entail. She teases you, stroking and caressing her long black stocking clad legs, letting you get a peek up her skirt. Kitty counts down from 10 and you explode and cum when she says 1. 


*** This is a custom clip, directed by a fan. Contact me now to make your fetish fantasy a reality! ***

11 minutes



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