Amy’s Humiliating Diaper Change – MOV


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This is the second wicked part of Amys long ordeal at the hands and various unfair implements used by the perverted nurses, Sarah and Clara. She has been sent to them for her many different peeing accidents and their plan is to turn her into a little diaper slut. Previously, HERE, Amy had been shamed and humiliated with a medical diapering examination.
Now fully diapered… Amy is taken to the special nursery room where she will be put to bed for her first evening. Crossfade to the following morning and the naughty girl has wet herself, feeling safe in the warm, protective diaper. Sarah and Clara are surprised she failed so soon and realize that Amy desperately needs more training and punishments. First, the diaper full of pee-pee must be removed and Amy’s princess parts are cleaned, teased, touched, and oiled before the repeated and prolonged humiliation of being taped into a cute, pink fresh diaper. Her temperature is retaken (rectally… of course) with special attention and close-up camera angles so you wont miss a thing. Amy has a cute tight anus and a naughty pink jewel butt plug is carefully teased into her waiting, oiled hole as she feels it fill up inside her bottom. This makes wearing the diaper extra uncomfortable. After oiling her privates and adding powder, they tuck her cleaned pussy into a fresh well-fitted diaper and send her to bed for her nap. The preview clip is censored but the film is most definitely not! Remember:
This is Amys first and most explicit film of this intense nature that she has made.
For your own special custom film: If you would like your dream scenario made for you, remember that we pay close attention to detail, giving you what you want! We would be happy to make your naughty fantasy come true. Contact us for more information.

21 minutes



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