ALISA – You had to wash my socks and clean the toilet! – PART3 – PROFESSIONAL SHOOTING (HD)


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Clean teeth are an indicator of good hygiene. This is exactly what Alisa thinks, so every day she brushes her teeth 3 times. And not only their own. Her slave marina today got an old toothbrush, which can only be used to clean toilet bowls, and the mouths of nasty slaves. They don’t need to waste water either. Saliva mixed with used toothpaste is fine. Alisa spits it all into her slave’s mouth and glass. Alisa noticed that the slave did not wash her dirty socks. Since marina hasn’t figured out the washing machine, then let her do it all with her mouth, it’s not for nothing that Alisa cleaned it. “Stuff it in both cheeks and wash” says Alisa and pushes her socks down marina’s throat. Then, as with any wash, you need to rinse, Alisa helped marina with her foot, but still it will have to be corrected. Useless piece of dirt. But marina really hoped to get a nice bonus from her Mistress. Alisa understood this and decided to indulge a little. What could be tastier than Mistress juices, smells. marina did not dream of more. Alisa went to the toilet, wiped her pussy and all that was left on the toilet paper gave the slave to suck. Then Alisa noticed stains on the toilet.. “Stupid slut.. not only have you not washed my socks, have you cleaned my toilet yet?” Alisa got angry. marina licked the toilet while Alisa humiliated her morally. She had to wash it immediately and conscientiously .. ENGLISH SUBTITLES. (Part 3 of 4)

17 minutes



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