After The Match Sweat Bath! Alex is Bathed Under Bianca’s Sweat Soaked Body and Feet!


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Bianca is soaked in sweat after the heated rematch with Alex!  She is radiant as she glows and gloats over the loser! Alex put up a hard defense and made Bianca work hard for her victory and now she is going to make him worship every inch of her sweat soaked body!  She kicks him and slaps his face and sticks her sweaty feet in his mouth.  She tells him how she will destroy him again and again and again and again as he licks her feet from heel to toe! She then sits on his face!  She is angry because she says Alex cheated in the match.  She truly smothers him with her ass! She scissors him as he taps over and over! Alex is suffering! She adds even more humiliation as she spits into his mouth and slaps his face! He is told do lick her sweaty arm pit and the fearful Alex does what he is told.  She is dishing out terrible pain in the humiliation round! Camel Clutches, Double Arm Bars! Alex screams out Tap Tap Tap Tap over and over!  Bianca loves his suffering.  She gives him a quick ball bust and then sits tightly and heavily on his face with her ass streaming with sweat! She is determined that Alex is unable to breathe! He struggles wildly to do so!  Bianca is a Dominant, Beautiful, Wild, Sexy and very Sweaty Wrestling Amazon Goddess! She Loves to Destroy her Opponents and she does exactly that to Alex! Just look at his stunned expression as Bianca flexes her biceps and tells him she is not done! Are YOU ready for her?

10 minutes



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